by The Messy Jacksons

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released 11 June 2014




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Track Name: Hey Hey (Blahblahblahcracy)
you don't have to listen if you don't like my tone
but can you do me a solid and hang up your phone?
undivided attention is not what i seek
but you been starin at that screen for what feels like a week
hey hey

hey hey to the soccer mom, a tumor in traffic
a two ton steel death box that's weaving erratic
facebook is fun, fine, but it fucks with your driving
with fucks with my bike riding staying aliving
so keep your eyes on the road not your status updates
before i unleash ten megaton two wheeled road rage
hey hey

technology, mental slavery, attention deficit disorderly
a field of screens as far as i can see, living in a blahblahblahcracy
livin in a blahblahblahcracy

what happened to silence? to thoughtful introspection?
real time reactions preclude real reflection
now we got politics by caps lock in a culture more concerned
with the volume of their voices than the wisdom of their words
i'm on a raft of sea lions and the trainers got a treat
and the one who barks the loudest is the one who gets to eat
here lies discourse, come watch the corpse decompose
a new piece falls off every time you post
Track Name: Going to Reno
leavin my home on a hot highway 50 night
headin east through the sierras to go bathe in some neon lights
i made some promises that i can't keep
the folly of youth, yeah, words are cheap
now i'm yellin "i don't" every night when i'm lyin in bed asleep

so i'm goin to reno
to bury my ring
my man what does he know?
he doesn't do anything
as my boiling resentment
turns to simmmering rage
Great Expectations reads more like Bleak House as time yellows the page
got too many days left to be spendin em this close to the grave

i dropped outta school so i could go and be a wife
well he gave me his hand then he covered up my eyes
my kitchen roof it blocks out the stars
even a convict gets some time in the yard
white picket fences ensnare the same as black iron bars

the biggest little city is lovely this time of year
the trees line the truckee, the casinos fill you full of beer
leanin over the bridge on virginia street
a tear hits the water, didn't think i'd weep
drop that fucker in the truckee watch the current drag it down to the deep deep deep

yeah i done went to reno
and i buried my ring
beneath those cold truckee waters
can you hear my heart sing?
now i get me a paper
says my life belongs to me
thought i'd lost my heart but i got it back down on virginia street
Track Name: Shaking (and shaking and shaking and shaking)
i am not everyman, i am the only man in this postapocalypso wasteland we call modern life. you're all just robots, i'm not a robot, with my heart pumping oil and sensors working overtime. i keep my doors locked, got my pantry stocked, boarded up the windows candles burning all night long. i'm eating canned food, dried powdered bran food, and i'm shaking.

my tv hates me, fucks with my circuitry, all the yellin and the cryin makes me think i'll lose my mind. i can't watch fox news, they're always starting feuds, ignoramus necktie clones exploding in my ears. i found all these talking heads, i just threw them in the shed, now my backyard smells like cotton candy rotting on your gums. i gotta quit watchin tv, it's giving me epilepsy, and i'm shaking.

my wallet's empty, ain't got no currency, automatic teller's tellin me to go get lost. i barely have a job, i'm a rusty worn down cog, grind my teeth until the blood gums up the machine. i could use some company, someone to hunt with me, but i'm standin behind storm doors hopin they don't storm on me. i got my shotgun cocked, empathy is switched to off, and i'm shaking and i'm shaking and i'm shaking and i'm.....
Track Name: Man Song
i am a man
a family man, of decent means
got a wife, two kids, a suburban home and hopes and dreams
thought i'd build a little nest egg, send my kids off the school,
hit that silver anniversary, take a mediterranean cruise.
but we had one too many fights, some things can't be unsaid,
she took the kids to her mom's, found another man, and she left me for dead

so i'll ride, ride, ride
i'll ride the rails
til that train gets to where i don't know i'm goin
start livin for myself

i am a man
a career man, i'm wedded to my job
on a sturdy rung of the corporate ladder and i'm headed to the top
i always check my e-mail and i make eighty calls a day
i kiss my boss's ass for the chance to pass him, yeah i really earn my pay
but they found this guy in india who'll work for half as much
threw me out on the street with just the shoes on my feet and said we'll keep in touch

i'm a woman
i'm smart as hell, a recent graduate
got a's in my classes studying journalism yeah i really know my shit
i'm doin this for the people, tell their stories to the world
where there's trouble and strife that'll be my life, i'm an action kind of girl
but every time i interview it's with a sleazy slick-haired slob
he says 'you look qualified with your hips and tits but how are you at sucking cock?'

i am a man
a homeless man, clothed in tattered rags
i get my sleep on a bench, my dental work from a wrench, and my food from garbage bags
it hasn't always been like this, i payed rent with my paychecks
but you're a step away when you haven't saved and get hurt in an accident
i hobbled around the city blocks til they picked me up for vagrancy
threw my ass in a cell and beat me to hell and slapped me with a fee

i am a man
an american man
i'm just your average joe
i'm willie loman, i'm billy pilgrim,
i'm everyone you know
exxon mobil's got record profits
but i can't afford a gallon of gas
i'm getting laid off while the boss is paid off
say goodbye to the middle class.