Three Little Songs

by The Messy Jacksons

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While recording a full-length album on a laptop, computer malfunction drove the Messy Jacksons to half-assedly record some 4-track songs to kill time until the computer repairman was done banging our mothers. This is their story.


released 08 July 2013




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Track Name: Shakin
I am not everyman
I am the only man
in this post apocalypso wasteland we call modern life
you're all just robots
I'm not a robot
got my heart pumpin oil, sensors workin overtime
keep my doors locked
got my pantries stocked
boarded up the windows, candles burnin all night long
i'm eatin canned food
dried powdered bran food
and i'm shakin and i'm shakin and i'm shakinandi'mshakin

my tv hates me
fucks with my circuitry
all the yellin and the cryin makes me think i'll lose my mind
i can't watch fox news
they're always startin feuds
ignoramus necktie clones exploding in my ears
i found all these talking heads
i'll just throw them in the shed
and now my backyard smells like cotton candy rotting on your gums
i gotta quit watchin tv
it's givin me epilepsy
and i'm shakin and i'm shakin and i'm shakinandi'mshakin

my wallet's empty
ain't got no currency
automatic teller tellin me to go get lost
i barely have a job
a rusty worn down cog
grind my teeth until the blood gums up the machine
i could use some company
someone to hunt with me
instead i'm standin behind storm doors hopin they don't storm on me
i got my shotgun cocked
empathy is switched to off
and i'm shakin and i'm shakin and i'm shakinandi'mshakin
and i'm shook.
Track Name: A Hard Rain Keeps Falling
When I woke up this mornin my alarm clock was snorin
and I couldn't climb out of my bed.
Limbs tired and heavy, they were pinned under a Chevy
and my bedsheets were made out of lead.
The source of my ennui? This meteorology
that's got me cooped up like cattle in a shed.
And I'm starting to wish I were dead:
all this drippin and a droppin on my head
is the flippin and a floppin of a bottlenose dolphin
who's trapped in a tuna fish net.

I'm starvin for my friends but this rain never ends
and I'm slowly growin more and more insane.
I've been talking to the walls, holding tea parties with dolls,
but the conversations are dull and inane.
I resolve to break free, pray those drops don't swallow me
or they'll drop me in a shallow muddy grave.
Sometimes you just gotta be brave,
but all this drippin and a droppin on my brain
is the clippin and a cloppin of a calvary stalking
their prey runnin scared out on the plains.

The rain stung my eyes and I was flung from my bike
and I tried to break my fall with my face.
As my life passed before me, it seemed like God might abhor me
so I started humming the tune to "Amazing Grace".
But he sniffed the bullshit in my story and shipped me off to purgatory
and denied me his lovin' embrace.
But hey, at least I finally left my place!
Now I got a drippin and a droppin out in space.
It's the tickin and a tockin of a jailhouse clock
whose hands are always losing a race.
Track Name: Lost Song
I am lost, who's got the map, which way is north?
How the hell did I get so off course?
I had it all plotted out but now things have gone south
like a drug cartel dismemberment.
It's a serious pain in the neck.

I was a child and I had a home.
God damn if that ain't a long time ago.
Oh to hold onto a place, plant your heels in time in space,
but life is such a series of vectors.
Motion plus direction.

And the stars, well, they aren't any help.
Can't blame them, they got so many atoms to weld.
They just float there and glimmer and slowly grow dimmer
as the sky turns from torchlight to tar
because we're all just driftin' apart.

SOS, clasp my hands, paging God.
But he's busy with the priests, TV preachers, and frauds
whose silver tongues wag as they pass 'round the bag
for you to throw in what you own.
If that's the case, I'll take being alone.